The Critical Impact Activities are the core tasks and activities that every multi-unit manager must master and deliver on a consistent basis. They’re the essential building blocks for ensuring that day-in, day-out the multi-unit manager remains focused on delivering the business standards and we help you achieve this through our critical business analysis.


Analyse core business performance Metrics (includes financial and other relevant KPI’s)

A multi-unit manager must demonstrate capability to use available sources of information and data to identify:

  • Unacceptable trends emerging in core KPI’s (e.g. sales, labour, COGS) and determine root causes

  • Opportunities to drive profitable growth (e.g. improved operational excellence, new or enhanced product ranges, targeted local marketing activities)

Critical Impact Activity 2 – Plan

Develop business/team development action plans and prioritise to focus on value added activities

A multi-unit manager must demonstrate capability to:

  • Translate analysis into specific, measurable actions which have clear owners and timescales

  • Develop actions to drive performance over the short (30 – 90 days), mid (90 – 180 days) and long term (6 – 12 months) resulting in profitable growth

  • Schedule to time complete actions, prioritise activities, to prepare to conduct unit/store visits and other relevant administrative functions of the multi-unit role

Critical Impact Activity 3 – Communicate

Communication of area/site goals, results and activities

A multi-unit manager must demonstrate capability to:

  • Ensure teams have clarity around their business goals and measures of success

  • Implement and maintain regular communication channels to keep teams up-to-date with current performance

  • Engage and inspire others to achieve stretching goals and embrace organisational changes

Critical Impact Activity 4 – Observe

Conduct critical impact unit visits

A multi-unit manager must demonstrate capability to:

  • Plan and conduct critical impact unit visits which review the 4 dimensions of operations: Customer; Brand/Organisational Standards; Employees and Competitors

  • Support managers to identify strengths and gaps in performance and to seek solutions

  • As appropriate determine if shortfalls are new or recurring (and why)

Critical Impact Activity 5 – Develop

Coaching and development of unit managers

A multi-unit manager must demonstrate capability to:

  • Create structured development goals for individuals designed to enhance current capabilities within the team

  • Review how unit/store managers are developing their teams and building internal bench strength to support future talent needs

Critical Impact Activity 6 – Review

Disciplined and consistent review of the operation and performance management of teams

A multi-unit manager must demonstrate capability to:

  • Conduct regular reviews with managers regarding all operational activities (including financial performance; customer experience; people development and quality of operations) and adjust action plans accordingly

  • Eliminate weaknesses in the operational delivery of the brand

  • Diagnose issues of individual poor performance resulting in corrections in behaviour and, where necessary, take tough decisions around the employment of managers and team members

It’s time for MMU to develop, educate and inspire your multi-unit managers using the Critical Impact Activities

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