Multi-unit managers earn success through the performance of their team. Taking tough decisions regarding people and their ability to perform the role is perhaps the most essential yet elusive skill for many multi-unit managers to master.

This requires multi-unit managers to identify, support and performance manage three categories of people:

  • Willing and Able – Develop to enhance current performance and prepare them for potential opportunities.

  • Willing and Not Able – Coach and develop those who demonstrate a genuine desire to improve further to achieve the required standard of performance.

  • Not Willing – Have honest and open discussions to correct their performance and to understand the motivational factors/issues pulling them down.

Managers rarely regret taking the action necessary to correct poor performers or to remove such people from their team. What they DO regret is not taking the action sooner.

We understand this challenge and work alongside multi-unit managers to help them diagnose the capability of their people. From here they are then able to take action to develop, nurture or performance manage individuals as needed.


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