We believe ‘world-class organisations’ create a structured game plan designed to deliver a balanced organisation. They leave very little to chance and they execute, execute and execute to deliver it.

Multi-unit managers must be supported to create their plan to deliver a balanced operation that ensures the financial performance (e.g. sales, labour, cost of goods) are reviewed consistenly alongside a genuine focus on other key success factors including:

  • People management and development – e.g. Absence & labour turnover KPIs; ensuring Managers and their teams have personal development goals formally recorded and reviewed.

  • The Customer Experience – e.g. Reviewing customer feedback and/or mystery shopper information; talking directly with customers during Unit visits and observing the service experience.

  • Standard Operating Procedures – e.g. Back of house tasks; ensuring that operational audit requirements are met and operating standards are consistently maintained.

  • Brand, Product & Promotional Activity – e.g. Promotions are executed flawlessly, Products are merchandised to planograms etc, Local Store Marketing initiatives are identified.


We help multi-unit managers to manage a balanced organisation.

MMU helps multi-unit managers develop a disciplined and consistent leadership style essential for delivering operational excellence. Though crucial behaviours for the success of any organisation, many overlook their significance.

MMU knows them to be essential building blocks for ensuring that day-in, day-out the multi-unit manager remains focused on delivering the business standards.


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