Supporting the current population of operational leaders

We will work with you to diagnose development needs, create tailored solutions and help you implement and sustain them for the long term. Our solutions are based on our operational insights, experience and academic research. The MMU modules are designed to both drive operational excellence and develop people capability.

Our support of your multi-unit managers is focused on being with them to observe their implementation of the Critical Impact Activities. We do this where it matters the most, on the front-line as they carry out their role.


Build the next generation of multi-unit managers

MMU can support existing HR/L&D teams to design and deliver a bespoke development programme to create a pipeline of talent which prepares high potential single-unit managers for the transition into multi-unit operations.

Developing the next generation of multi-unit managers is critical if an organisation truly wants to build a talent pipeline for the future.

Using Prof. Chris Muller’s development model as a foundation, MMU has created a programme which supports high performing, high potential single-unit managers to make a successful transition from single to multi-unit operations.

Whilst commencing the programme responsible for one unit, store or restaurant, the participants would be supported as they prepare for and make the transition into multi-unit management.

With workshops, virtual class rooms and online coaching through to the critical front-line role shadowing and coaching, MMU will be there to guide them through their journey to becoming the manager of managers.


Create executive education that incorporates external expertise with internal subject matter experts.

Led by Professor’s Muller & DiPietro and using MMU’s network of international experts, we will create a unique development experience for your leaders.

One of the critical elements required to achieve and sustain operational excellence is teamwork. This is perhaps most important in relation to how the Support Functions leaders support their colleagues in Operations.

MMU can help you to fully engage the support functions in the development of your multi-unit managers. This helps to enhance their understanding of operations and the role of the multi-unit manager. Additionally it helps develop core skills that will be transferable within their own functions.

Aligning everyone behind the goal of operations sounds simple yet for many organisations it can be the missing ingredient in the quest for operational excellence.

MMU can help organisations to develop educational events that provide insight for all that are then followed-up with an organisational focus on executing the most important goals that deliver for the operation and ultimately, for the customer.

“Practice this question – What can I do today to make their jobs easier?”
– Prof. Christopher Muller


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