“MMU delivered the best possible experience to our managers, helping them understand what operational service excellence truly is and, crucially, what it takes to achieve it every single shift, every single day”
Welcome Break
Karl Jolly, Director of People
“MMU worked hand in hand with Debenhams in developing the induction and training programme for our brand new food concept Loaf & Bloom Deli Kitchen. Our insight told us that regardless of capital investment the most crucial element of any new brand would be our team and how they delivered an amazing experience for our guests. MMU listened to our requirements and developed bespoke training to suit. As a result, customer feedback on the team has been overwhelmingly positive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend MMU as a training partner.”
Debenhams Retail PLC
Sally Hibbert, Head of Food Operations
“We teamed up with MMU with the goal of educating our Operations Manager to be more aware of how crucially important it is to manage multiple units effectively. MMU have delivered the programme with extreme confidence and in detail. We have 5 branches and required an approach where we our ops manager could “manage the managers”, work productively around multiple priorities in every outlet, in order to get the best out of himself and his teams. We can see the difference it has made already, with our ops manager delivering operational excellence day-in and day-out with confidence and a renewed enjoyment in his role”
Shakoor Ahmed, Managing Director
“The team at MMU exceeded our organizations expectations scoring the highest ever satisfaction survey from any program we have participated in here at Hudsons over the last 14 years. The team took away practical tools and actual ``to do`` items that immediately impacted the business! You know that something has hit a cord when the language within an organization changes due to new learning, and that’s what happened after our course. Thanks Lee and MMU for a great job!”
Hudsons Canada’s Pub
Chris Decock, CEO
“Rail Gourmet enlisted MMU to help us draw out the skill set needed to manage a multi-site operation. MMU helped our senior managers to identify what was important and inspire their teams to maximise their full potential. It resulted in making our operation more efficient in targeting specific areas in cost savings and ensuring that as a team best practice was demonstrated.”
Rail Gourmet
Shane Broom, Director of Operations
“As a start-up we invested our resources into developing our biggest populations, our Baristas and Managers. We didn't want our area managers and central teams to miss out but we don’t have sufficient headcount to warrant a dedicated resource and that is where MMU have more than compensated. MMU got to know us, spending time with our “Hooligans`` and in our shops, meaning that working with MMU has never felt like anything other than working with part of the H+H team. We've yet to have feedback, whether it be an attendee of a classroom session, someone who has been coached one-on-one or a recipient of an MMU tool, who has ever found Lee and the team to be anything other than significantly impactful upon their success in their role. We'll continue to work with MMU as long as they will put up with us!”
Harris & Hoole
Colin Bell, Operations Director
“The Westerleigh Group took its very first steps in delivering a structured development journey to our teams in 2015. The programme our chosen partners, MMU, have delivered has propelled my teams understanding and appreciation of what can be achieved when you release your teams potential. The programme is truly a key milestone in my companies journey that will be regarded as legacy shaping.”
The Westerleigh Group
Francis O’Donnell, Director of Operations
“Absolutely one of the best things we have done to further the leadership development in our organization has been to engage MMU. After 2 days of the Step Change programme with Lee from MMU, I have never seen a group of people so motivated -- not only were they motivated, they delivered! It has now been a few weeks since our workshop, and we continue to see extremely positive sales and guest experience results in our locations. The concepts presently by MMU are clear, easily executable and deliver to the bottom line. Our team is already asking for MMU to come back again!”
Hudsons Canada’s Pub
Marianne Livojevic, Director of HR
“MMU worked with us to really understand the developmental needs of an organisation that encompasses a range of disciplines. They put together a total training package for managers from areas as diverse as care, HR & Retail. This has resulted in a real improvement of how we manage as an organisation and we are looking forward to undertaking further work with Lee & the team”
Havens Hospices
Trevor Johnson, Director of Trading, HR and Volunteer Services
“MMU designed and delivered a bespoke management development programme for our line managers, across the business. MMU ticked all the boxes for us - knowledgeable, professional, flexible and above all passionate about what they do! This programme has been a great success and will now become the foundation programme for all our line managers”
Julie Kellett, HR Director
“MMU have supported and worked with us on the very early stages of creating both a culture of performance and accountability in a business that has had this missing for some time. The very focused and structured approach taken by MMU has allowed the programme to be shaped and pitched at the right level for my colleagues. The MMU team are attentive, thorough, quick to respond and great on the follow up! The work they have completed so far has had a massive positive impact on the way we do business, KPI performance and I look forward to an ongoing relationship with MMU”.
Sam Shutt, Operations Director