The value of talking to your people, and engaging with their feedback.

“Don’t make things too complicated, and listen to what people are telling you.”

This week Jane is talking to Julia Murrell, Director of People and Development at Firmdale Hotels.

Julia has spent the large part of her career to date, working for some of the UK’s best-loved hotel brands. Julia currently heads-up the people and development department at Firmdale Hotels, the owners of The Soho Hotel and Charlotte Street Hotel in London, among others.

During the interview Julia talks about the dedicated “Employee Engagement Week” which her team recently ran at Firmdale. The event was a huge success and has already had some very significant impact on their people and the business, as Julia describes.

With new sites recently opening in New York, Julia and her team have a huge amount to do and look forward to in the coming year. Julia shares with us some of the changes she’s implementing at Firmdale this year and some insight into just how she intends to maintain and build upon their own Great Place to Work.

Guest: Julia Murrell, Director of People and Development at Firmdale Hotels | @JuliaMurrell
Contact Julia and her team: Julia’s LinkedIn Profile | Careers at Firmdale

Host: Jane Sunley, Founder and Chair of Purple Cubed | @JaneSunley
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