In any organisation operating more than one unit across a geographic territory there is usually a multi-unit manager accountable. Whether this role is referred to as a multi-unit/district/area or regional manager, it is one that works in the field, oversees multiple units and is effectively a “manager of managers”.

It is no coincidence that world class organisations really understand the pivotal role of the multi-unit manager to achieving operational excellence. We understand the different challenges faced by those who lead teams at a fixed location and those who operate in the world of remote management. We will help them to firstly “think differently” about their role and then to “act differently” in order to get new and better results.

  • Leading teams over a number of geographic locations, when the multi-unit manager is present only once or twice a month.

  • Planning and prioritising their time to ensure they manage all their critical goals.

  • Proactively managing issues of poor performance.

  • Creating focused, specific action plans to drive performance.

  • Providing clear, concise communication, regularly checking to ensure the
    messages have been received, understood and acted on correctly.

  • Collaborating with other regional multi-unit managers to cascade best practice.

  • Developing succession plans and sharing talent across the business.

  • Ensuring operations are executed daily to a high standard.

The landscape of multi-unit management is changing rapidly. The skills of managing an area and a group of disparate teams need constant enhancement and refinement.

The MMU team has a strong heritage and experience in the retail and hospitality sectors. Blended with international experience the team brings both a strategic view to the multi-unit landscape as well as a practical appreciation of the challenges and opportunities that today’s multi-unit managers face.

Does MMU only work with multi-unit operators?

Whilst we specialise and have great experience in this area, we also have helped many organisations enhance the capabilities of the wider operational population.

In practice this sees us broaden our support to provide training for shift managers, assistant and store managers, often with a focus on driving exceptional customer experiences.

Does MMU only work with management teams?

No, we have experience and can easily adapt our style to speak with any member of your organisation; from front line colleague to senior board member

How much will it cost if I would like to know more?

Our first meetings are always at zero cost and without obligation. Should you wish to proceed, we will provide you with a full written proposal to highlight the investment required and the anticipated timeframe for the delivery of our services

  • MMU has a practical approach to resolving issues quickly but sustainably.

  • MMU has worked with local and international brands alongside their operational teams.

  • MMU can share best practices that they have sought out in numerous organisations, across the world.

  • MMU is fully supported by Professors Muller & DiPietro and their unique insight and international experience will benefit any organisation.

  • MMU will help you to develop the discipline to create, execute and follow-up formal action plans.

  • MMU has experience of resolving issues and mitigating unacceptable trends in performance.

  • MMU has experience working at Board level as well as with front line teams.

  • In the real sense MMU understands that in any retail or service sector business it is “the front line that delivers the bottom line!”

  • MMU can take an objective view of the operation and suggest opportunities to drive further revenues.

  • MMU can partner with subject-matter experts from across our global network.

  • MMU has a future focus on social collaborative learning.

  • We are committed to being able to offer organisations the opportunity to access online resources which can be accessed anywhere, anytime using a range of devices.

“Driving sales, managing margins and labour, developing the critical people skills needed – with MMU there’s finally a training consultancy that gets operations!”
Peter Davies, UK Director of Retail Operations

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