Be Better than Good

FranklinCovey’s mission is to enable greatness in people and organisations everywhere.

“Good” may be good enough for some, but most of us want more than that. Something inside us makes us want to be better than good. We want to be part of a team whose members, even years later, will be remembered for what they accomplished. We want to go for greatness!

Bob Whitman, Chairman, Franklin Covey

In partnership with the FranklinCovey organisation, MMU is delivering its world-renowned, personal effectiveness and leadership development solutions to individuals and teams of all sizes. We also believe that EVERYONE wants to be the most effective and productive that they can be.

Designed for the most pressing issues you will face today, you can use FranklinCovey content to benefit you and your team in many ways. Here’s what we deliver:


Content can be delivered across multiple delivery formats, from in person work sessions, virtual meetings to an online learning platform.


MMU helps you to build a bespoke programme containing the FranklinCovey content that will address your specific business-related needs.


We give small teams access to the powerful FranklinCovey materials at a cost that you can afford.

MMU will help define the business outcomes that you need your training to deliver:

Enhanced one-to-one meetings

Improve the quality and structure of one-to-one meetings between line managers and team members.

Facilitate effective meetings

Fight back against seemingly endless meetings that add no real value, by enhancing individuals' ability to prepare and facilitate productive meetings.

Foundational people skills

Build the people skills of technical experts who have recently been promoted to line management roles for the first time.

Present with confidence

Help individuals manage their fear of giving presenting and to empower them to influence others through passionate and powerful presentations.

Maximise technology

Support the team to better manage their email inbox and to take back control of their technology to maximise their effectiveness.

Essential project management skills

Up-skill team members to manage projects that deliver on their goals and within time frames and budgets.

Practical Training

FranklinCovey’s Signature Solutions

Whether there’s a team of two or 20, MMU gives you access to core FranklinCovey solutions, delivered by our facilitators either in person or virtually.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®

Increases personal effectiveness and is very useful for organisations/individuals who want to increase emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication and teamwork. Learn more

The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity®

Helps people master time management for the 21st century. Most valuable for people who need to make the highest-impact choices about where to invest time, attention and energy. Learn more

Leading at The Speed of Trust®

Helps leaders increase their personal credibility, practice specific behaviours that increase trust, and to create a measurable culture of high trust within their organisation. Learn more

The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership™

Develop leaders who can think big, adapt quickly, and translate strategy into meaningful work. Leaders learn how to make a difference by inspiring trust, creating vision, executing strategy and coaching potential. Learn more

Project Management Essentials®

Helps managers learn how to master informal authority with project teams and implement a disciplined process to complete projects with quality results. Most valuable in organisations that need to improve the effectiveness of everyday, cross-functional project work. Learn more

The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team™

Equips first-level leaders with the essential skills and tools to get work done independently or through others. Successfully transition new first-level leaders from individual contributors to leaders of others. Learn more

Meeting your Specific Business Needs

We create a bespoke programme designed to meet your specific business needs; not just the objectives of an off-the-shelf workshop that doesn’t relate to the realities of your business. We draw on tools, videos and self-assessments that Franklin Covey and MMU have to offer, addressing your real-world challenges and opportunities.

MMU has over a decade of direct experience of not just delivering Franklin Covey content but also working with individuals and teams over time to embed the learning. MMU is proud to promote the Franklin Covey programmes as we appreciate and apply the tools and materials in our professional and personal lives.

Supporting you and your Team

Let us help you to achieve greatness in your world.

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