Developing Outstanding Managers

Master the essentials skills and disciplines to become the "Leader of Managers"

Developing Outstanding Managers

What’s at stake?

Too often managers receive no development support to transition into their new role or to become more effective at it. This can lead to…

Being Overwhelmed

unable to prioritise and with multiple decisions to make = NO focus!

Ineffective Leadership

from micromanagement to abandonment of the team

Performance Issues

inconsistent reviews, unresolved issues and successes forgotten

Leading others from a distance creates challenges that are rarely resolved by chance. MMU delivers practical support (in person and virtually) that empowers managers to achieve:

Greater Structure & Consistency

from 1-to-1 meetings that create and maintain engagement, to conducting visits that add value to the team and the business.

True Focus & Discipline

Determine the goals that matter most (performance at work, fulfillment in life), identifying the commitments that lead to success.

Control of Their Time

Embed a system that connects quarterly objectives to weekly achievements and daily tasks.

Becoming the Leader of Managers

Leading from a distance still means we care, coach and support team members, we just approach it differently.

How we help

MMU understands the challenges of remote teams and managing multi-units.

We have faced the challenges of remote leadership

Having led teams across multiple countries and cultures we know that leadership always comes first, location is second.

We Understand Operations!

We’ve worked in hospitality & retail all our lives. We know how to develop and support managers, whether in person or virtually.

We Deliver Measurable KPI Improvements

A decade of developing hundreds of remote and multi-unit managers; improving brand standards, financial performance, customer experience and the development of people.

We Work With Thought Leaders

Our approach is underpinned by leading academics and thought leaders from North America and across our global network.

We Work Alongside Operational Teams

Large and small (both in the UK and internationally) to share and apply industry leading best practices

The Solution



Schedule a 30 minute, no obligation call with MMU to share your current reality



MMU creates a personalised development roadmap, outlining how you will achieve your goals and how MMU will support that journey


The learning journey commences, with regular MMU facilitated 1-to-1 or group sessions to help you tackle and navigate the obstacles ahead, remaining focused on the destination

How We Make Difference

Too many remote & multi-unit managers are not given the training and development they need to do their job well, let alone fulfil their potential.

The MMU team understands operations and the challenges of leading from a distance because we’ve all been there; on the front line, working with diverse teams, spread out across large geographic territories.

MMU delivers practical training and coaching around the world; enabling managers to have the structure, focus and discipline they need to increase productivity and performance – consistently.

We are experienced at delivering support to managers in person (often in small group work sessions or observing them as they conduct key elements of their role) and take advantage of virtual meeting tools to connect in the most flexible and cost-effective manner.

Because how good you want to be is more important than how good you are today

Lee Sheldon, Founder

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