1-1s need to be more than just status updates

Too many managers do not receive training in how to facilitate effective one-to-ones (1-1s) with their team. This can result in these meetings either not happening at all or being used as a progress update at best.

Unclear expectations

A lack of clarity leads to team member interpreting goals and deliverables differently to managers

Lack of accountability

Action steps are not recorded with clear deadlines and owners

Insufficient feedback

Opportunities to show appreciation for successes and redirection to correct issues, are missed

Better 1-1s = Better Results

Facilitating great 1-1 meetings between managers and team members is too important to leave to chance.

In this online course, developed in partnership with Upskill People, learners follow Charlotte’s journey as she seeks to transform her approach to 1-1 meetings. She’ll explore this by understanding that regular 1-1s allow a manager to address a range of topics and challenges with their team members in a relatively informal manner, albeit aided by a level of structure and consistency.

With Charlotte, learners will explore the skills and knowledge necessary to have better 1-1s, whilst also applying their judgement as to the best way that they can:

  • Explain the benefits of 1-1s, how to plan and prepare for them (frequency, location and agenda) regardless of whether your team member is based on-site with you or remotely
  • Facilitate effective 1-1s, using great coaching skills to help team members generate solutions and new ideas, and solve problems
  • Schedule tasks and follow up commitments made during the 1-1 to ensure progress is made between meetings.

Better 1-1s = Better Results

The course supports managers to see 1-1s as a real benefit to both their team members and themselves.

Boost accountability and performance

Focus team member's attention on taking action towards their most important goals, with the next 1-1 date scheduled in, and making progress between now and then with clear expectations

Explore team member’s wellbeing

How are they feeling about their current workload and challenges?
What stressors might they be dealing with right now?
What could you (their manager) do to support them?

Make formal appraisals easier

Regular 1-1s allow for performance to be recorded alongside progress with personal development actions continuously, no-more trying to recall what happened over the last 12 months at an annual appraisal!

Managing People

Managing People is a suite of management development courses, harnessing the power of high-quality video production and dramatic scenarios to bring the role of leadership to life. The series prepares a new manager for their role and develops the capabilities of even the most experienced manager.

Better 1-1s = Better Results acts as either a standalone course for anyone wanting to improve their ability to prepare for, facilitate and follow-up on 1-1 meetings, or as a supplementary course to the powerful development content contained in the Managing People series. This course is also CPD accredited.

It’s all about people

Set in the fictional world of Rise and Dine, Managing People engages learners through compelling interactive drama. Learners make decisions for Charlotte, a new outlet manager tasked with turning around an underperforming team of characters everyone will recognise!

Leadership is developed through scenarios that focus on people not process, ensuring managers gain the skills they need to inspire and motivate their teams.

Upskill People

Our partner for this online learning course is Upskill People; an experienced, purpose-driven innovator in the global learning market, with a strong belief in the potential of people.

Its “best in class” content delivers measurable outcomes to the benefit of both your people and your business.

Like Better 1-1s = Better Results, all courses in the Managing People library include an approach to evaluation that emphasises the learner’s ability to apply their learning through judgement based scenarios, rather than relying solely on testing their memory of the content contained within the course.

Be the Manager your Team Needs

The Essentials Solution £25

Better 1-1s = Better Results is available for your learners to access today. Alongside the online video content and judgement based scenarios, learners can download a number of PDFs to help them to refresh and reinforce what they gain from the course. This course is also CPD accredited.

Better 1-1s = Better Results can be purchased as a standalone course HERE for just £25 per learner.

To secure course access for larger groups of managers, or indeed as part of a wider use of the Managing People series, please contact us directly to discuss your needs and agree pricing.

The Mastery Solution POA

Upgrade the capabilities of your managers by deploying Better 1-1s = Better Results as part of a blended learning pathway that includes:

  • Live in-person or virtual, two-hour work sessions to enhance the capabilities of managers to facilitate effective 1-1s with an emphasis on listening, questioning, feedback and goal-setting skills
  • 1-1 coaching support from MMU – observation of your managers as they conduct a 1-1 meeting, with written and verbal feedback to learners, and a summary report for key stakeholders
  • 360 feedback from team members, the manager and the individual learner, to assess how they’re consistently performing.

To discuss your specific needs and to develop a pathway that includes the elements that will make a difference to your managers, please connect with us at contactus@masteringmultiunits.com  to discuss your needs and agree pricing.

Better 1-1s = Better Results

The online course is available today to help your managers become outstanding!


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the Better 1-1s = Better Results course?

The Better 1-1s = Better Results course is divided into three modules, which all include video and onscreen text and access to a number of PDFs which will help participants to embed their learning.

When you purchase the Better 1-1s = Better Results course you are licensing the online courses, which, when bought through the store, comes with a learning platform and reporting, however, Upskill People can integrate the course into other systems or learning platforms.

They also have a complete learning platform with an easy course builder tool and additional functionality.

I have a mix of location/office-based team members and those working remotely, so conduct 1-1s both in person and via video calls. Is this course still relevant for me?

Yes – we know that many participants will have a ‘hybrid’ mixture of team members who routinely work in a central location and those who work flexibly (including from home and nearby shared office space).

Facilitating an effective 1-1 is essential wherever people are based, albeit we recognise in the course some of different elements that need to be considered when scheduling 1-1s with remote team members.

Is there any assessment at the end of the course?

Yes! Indeed, at the end of each module there is a short quiz to assess the learner’s understanding of the core content covered.

We use a number of scenario-based questions to test their ability to apply knowledge learnt to various situations Charlotte is facing.

Learners will also receive a certificate for completing the course and passing the assessment.

I'm interested in investing in a number of my managers. Are there discounts available for multiple courses purchases?

Yes, if you are interested in purchasing +20 licences for your organisation, contact MMU directly to explore the discounts available for bulk purchases of the course (which can also include access to the wider Managing People series).

Please contact our support team at contactus@masteringmultiunits.com.

What if I have more questions?

We are here to help. Simply contact our support team at contactus@masteringmultiunits.com with any questions.