No one doubts the pace of change that today’s managers and leaders must contend with and the development support they receive must adapt to changing circumstances too.

We specialise in supporting both the newly appointed, first-time manager, as well as the more experienced, “manager of managers” who so often lead teams that are increasingly working from home and other remote locations, often across different countries and time zones.

They need a programme of support that blends on-the-job learning and coaching, with relevant and bite-sized content delivered in person or virtually. A programme that gives short but regular support that enables them to implement the practical ideas and tools they learn, alongside a process of review and reflection to identify what worked well (to reinforce it) and what didn’t (for quick course correction).

Core Principles

Whether leading teams in person or remotely, we believe the core principles of management and leadership do not change.

What does change is the need for new tools and processes that managers must adopt to be successful in dealing with the enduring challenges of leadership.


Increasing the productivity and performance of individuals and the wider team.


Proactivity addressing performance and behaviour with individuals.

Mitigating gaps, exploiting opportunities

Identify and minimise critical gaps in KPI results and exploit new opportunities to improve performance.


Boosting the engagement and motivation among a diverse team of individuals.


Growing the abilities of individuals and the team to become more effective.


Building a pipeline of talented individuals to fill new roles and opportunities.


Share best practices, foster collaboration and teamwork across hybrid teams.


Create a mindset and a culture of service excellence.

With two of the world’s most widely used leadership frameworks, the SLII® model and The One Minute Manager, MMU can deliver proven, time-tested models to make everyone a leader and help you to reach your goals by accessing the powerful Blanchard content solutions.

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Franklin Covey

MMU can deliver the world-renowned, personal effectiveness and leadership development solutions from the Franklin Covey organisation to individuals and teams of all sizes. Accessing its comprehensive library, MMU curates the best tools, videos and self-assessments that Franklin Covey has to offer.

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