Managing from a Distance can be Tough

Leading remotely makes it harder to build rapport and develop trust with remote and hybrid teams. Too often developing the necessary change in behaviour to effectively overcome challenges is left to chance, often with little or no training provided to support managers in their transition into the world of remote leadership. This can lead to:


Inability to prioritise, especially when there are multiple decisions to make = no focus!

Ineffective leadership

The principles of good management and leadership still apply, no matter the distance.

Performance issues

Inconsistent reviews, unresolved issues and successes forgotten.

Leading Remote Teams

Our Leading Remote Teams programme upskills managers, developing their ability to stay connected while improving team effectiveness and performance.

It’s about leading people, more effectively and more consistently, regardless of how often they work in the same place as their manager. 

The programme incorporates the full Leading Virtually™ programme, developed by Blanchard®. It also includes two bonus modules from industry experts, Redefining Communications and Luminate, to deepen learners’ understanding of how leaders can support their remote team members effectively. The modules are described in more detail below.

Effective Solutions

MMU supports managers with solutions focused on the core elements of remote management. We follow the Leading Virtually™ model devised by Blanchard:

Leading Virtually

Goal setting

Involving team members creates greater engagement and commitment to deliver. Clarifying expectations and recording the “what, why, when, who and how?” into action plans, minimises misunderstanding and increases accountability.

Alignment to the bigger picture

Understanding the organisation's vision inspires more effective mid- to long-term goal setting, enabling the team to see the importance of their commitment and the results of their contribution.

Effective one-to-ones

How to check-in rather than check-up, following a structured, outcomes-based agenda with follow-up, recognise success and correcting gaps in performance.

Learning and development

Highlighting performance and taking every opportunity to enhance new skills and develop capabilities.

Mastering technology

Maximising the functionality of virtual meeting platforms to allow managers to effectively facilitate and engage their teams.

Work/life balance and well-being

Working from home has become living at work! It is crucial managers take care of their own physical and mental health, while also looking for signs of stress and mental health issues within their team.

Who is the Audience?

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • C-level executives and directors
  • Operational leaders, managers and team leaders – established or newly appointed
  • Anyone who aspires to deliver superior performance by enhancing their ability to lead a remote team more effectively.
Leading remote teams hybrid meeting

Included in our Solutions

Interactive work sessions

Live sessions covering five modules that help managers lead their team from a distance, with competence and confidence.

Simple yet effective methods

With a strong emphasis on practical tools, templates and ideas that can be implemented straight away, adding value to the team and the business.

Flexible delivery

Modules are delivered in convenient two-hour interactive virtual or face-to-face training sessions. There is also the option to include small-group and one-to-one coaching to support the implementation and embedding of the new content.

Leading Remote Teams Modules

Be present and mindful

Teaches leaders how to communicate intentionally with remote team members, structure conversations for maximum impact, and honour each other’s work preferences.

Foster community

Helps managers build trusting and supportive relationships that stay positive and involve all their people, using the technology available.

Accelerate performance and development

Teaches leaders how to build the resourcefulness and autonomy of staff members and to help them move forward in their careers.

Communicating with hybrid teams

Developed by Redefining Communications, this module helps participants understand their communication style, how it impacts others and how to ensure they’re communicating effectively.

Wellbeing for remote leaders and their teams

Developed by Luminate, this module builds an understanding of how stress affects team members and how to avoid it from turning into burnout or a more serious issue while exploring self-leadership as an essential part of this equation.

The Roadmap to Outstanding Remote Management

Leading Remote Teams £399 pp

The content is perfect for supervisors, frontline managers, mid-level managers, and senior managers who lead remote, hybrid and virtual teams.

  • Five modules
    Delivered via virtual sessions for groups of 8 to 14 people 
  • Content from industry experts
    Focuses on three key practices proven to boost manager effectiveness in a virtual environment, plus bonus modules on communication and wellbeing
  • Downloadable resources
    Including workbooks, tools and templates allowing managers to implement fast!

The Mastery Solution £899 pp

Go beyond the Leading Remote Teams programme with additional activities embed learning:

Our online 360-degree feedback assessment process allows team members, line managers and other colleagues to rate and comment on the remote manager’s effectiveness. Participants receive a detailed report with results and comments.

One-to-one coaching we also offer two 60-minute one-to-one coaching sessions. This includes: 

  • A review of the participant’s 360-degree feedback report to diagnose key themes and identify development actions; crucial to the effective use of 360-degree feedback assessments.
  • An exploration of the approach currently taken when preparing for (and facilitating) critical review meetings with team members, including how to enhance these conversations further.

Supercharge your ability to lead a remote team!

Looking to upskill your managers, develop their ability to stay connected and improve team effectiveness and performance? Our Leading Remote Teams programme is available for groups of eight to 14 within organisations. Please contact us to find out more.

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With two of the world’s most widely used leadership frameworks, the SLII® model and The One Minute Manager, MMU can deliver proven, time-tested models to make everyone a leader and help you to reach your goals by accessing the powerful Blanchard content solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in Leading Remote Teams?

When you register for Leading Remote Teams you will be joining the five programme modules that will help you lead your team effectively from a distance. In addition to participating in the live sessions, you will have access to a number of PDF templates used throughout the sessions, as well as a downloadable copy of the programme workbook. We recommend each individual module is three to four weeks apart.

I have a mix of location/office-based team members and those working remotely. Is this programme still relevant for me?

Yes – we know that many participants will have a hybrid mixture of team members who routinely work in a central location and those who work flexibly (including from home and nearby shared office space).

How many people will be participating in the Leading Remote Teams programme?

Groups are limited to eight to 14 participants to ensure everyone can actively participate in the sessions.

How frequently are the modules run? What happens if I’m unable to attend a particular module?

Leading Remote Teams isn’t an online, e-learning programme that participants work through at their own pace. The modules are delivered live, with facilitators able to answer questions and explore issues raised by the participants. However, live modules will always be recorded, allowing participants to catch up if they miss a session.

Who are Redefining Communications and Luminate?

Redefining Communications and Luminate are both partners in the Leading Remote Teams programme

Redefining Communications runs the bonus module: Communicating with hybrid teams. Redefining Communications is a business communication consultancy that helps create efficient, engaging workplaces. The company helps leaders navigate organisational change, upskills teams in impactful communication skills and coaches leaders through transformation. 

Luminate runs the bonus module: Wellbeing for remote leaders and their teams. Luminate delivers wellness training and support for over 250 organisations globally. They provide both preventative based wellbeing programmes alongside reactive care for employees. Their workshops cover a range of subjects, such as stress management, leadership wellbeing, building resilience and Mental Health First Aid.

What if I have more questions?

We are here to help. Simply contact our support team at with any questions.