Managing from a Distance can be Tough

Too often developing the necessary change in behaviour to effectively overcome challenges is left to chance, often with little or no training provided to support managers in their transition into the world of remote leadership.


Unable to prioritise and with multiple decisions to make = NO focus!

Ineffective leadership

The principles of good management and leadership still apply, no matter the distance.

Performance issues

Inconsistent reviews, unresolved issues and successes forgotten.

Mastering Remote Management

A tailored programme for managers who are leading hybrid teams and who work occasionally or permanently at a distance from their colleagues.

The programme develops and strengthens their leadership capability, helping team members remain focused, productive and delivering consistent results.

With remote working steadily increasing, many organisations now need to make a step-change in their process and procedures. While the principles of good management and leadership do not change when working remotely, what does change are the tools and practices needed to support team members who are often working in isolation, in multiple locations and sometimes in different time zones.

Effective Solutions

MMU supports managers with solutions focused on the core elements of remote management.

Goal setting

Involving team members creates greater engagement and commitment to deliver. Clarifying expectations and recording the “what, why, when, who and how?” into action plans, minimises misunderstanding and increases accountability.

Alignment to the bigger picture

Understanding the vision of the organisation inspires more effective mid- to long-term goal setting, enabling the team to see the importance of their commitment and results of their contribution.

Effective one-to-ones

How to check-in rather than check-up, following a structured, outcomes-based agenda with follow-up, recognising success and correcting gaps in performance.

Learning and development

Highlighting performance and taking every opportunity to enhance new skills and develop capabilities.

Mastering technology

Maximising the functionality of virtual meeting platforms to allow managers to effectively facilitate and engage their teams.

Work/life balance and well-being

Working from home has become living at work! It is crucial managers take care of their own physical and mental health, while also looking for signs of stress and mental health issues within their team.

Who’s the Audience?

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • C-level executives and directors.
  • Operational leaders, managers and team leaders – established or newly appointed.
  • Anyone who aspires to deliver superior performance by enhancing their ability to lead a remote team more effectively.

Included in our Solutions

Interactive work sessions

Live sessions covering seven modules that help managers lead their team from a distance, with competence and confidence.

Simple yet effective methods

With strong emphasis on practical tools, templates and ideas that can be implemented straight away, adding value to the team and the business.

Flexible delivery

Modules are delivered in convenient two-hour interactive virtual or face-to-face training sessions. There is also the option to include small-group and one-to-one coaching to support implementation and embedding of the new content.

Remote Management Modules

Challenges and opportunities

  • Understand and share the challenges and possibilities of remote teams.
  • Assess the current team’s working relationships, communication and task completion.
  • Building sustained trust – character, competence and motivation.
  • Tools and best practices for enhancing teamwork and improved working relationships.

Accelerating team productivity

  • Create an effective physical remote working environment. 
  • Applying the Eisenhower Matrix – importance over urgency. 
  • Minimise notifications and distractions.
  • Maximise email – don’t be a slave to the inbox!
  • Control your calendar – meetings with yourself!
  • The Productivity Code – 60:30:10 – the secret ingredient that translates effective planning into lasting productivity and achievement.

Well-being for leaders

  • Identifying the practices and behaviours that proactive managers adopt to facilitate their own positive health and well-being, role modelling the importance of this to their team.
  • Managing stress and building resilience, two key competencies of effective leaders that ensure we are likely to be the best versions of ourselves.
  • Implementing simple self-care strategies to prevent stress turning into overwhelm, burnout or mental health illnesses. 

Effective one-to-one and team meetings

  • Overcoming the challenges of online meeting tools, with best practices to enhance engagement during meetings.
  • Core elements of one-to-one meetings with team members – preparation, facilitation and follow-up. 
  • Presenting with impact – developing key messages (supported by visuals that enhance, not detract) with core delivery/presentation skills.

Getting results

  • Team involvement in goal setting – generating commitment, exploring guidelines and resources – to ensure clarity and ownership. 
  • Beyond SMART goals, applying the productivity code to transform important objectives into actionable weekly achievements and daily activities.
  • Using technology to help prioritise and follow up on commitments.
  • The line manager’s role to remove obstacles, provide support and encouragement.

Managing team well-being

  • Understanding how stress can affect your team and how to build resilience, helping navigate today’s complex and uncertain world. 
  • Identifying the causes of stress and the triggers and high-pressure zones within the team.
  • Managing set-backs – creating a sense of security and reducing stress levels.

Coaching from a distance

  • Explore the core skills of coaching including questioning, listening and holding back from always providing solutions!
  • The value of constructive feedback (course correction and recognition of success) that focuses on behaviour not personality, delivered with confidence, professionalism and empathy.
  • The performance agreement – creating goals and responsibilities whilst encouraging a culture of transparency and candour.
  • The Potential Matrix and The People Inventory to support succession planning.
  • Setting development goals, based on personal strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Be the Remote Manager your Team Needs

The Essentials Solution £699

  • Seven modules
    Delivered in person or via live virtual sessions.
  • Downloadable resources
    Including workbooks, tools and templates allowing managers to implement fast!

Tailored solutions

Mastering Remote Management is also available to be delivered as a tailored, in-house solution.

  • Content can be tailored to reflect the specific needs of the organisation.
  • In-house tools and processes can be built into the learning eg, to increase participants’ ability to use applications such as Microsoft Outlook to enhance the planning and prioritising of their work.
  • The delivery schedule for the modules can be revised based on operational needs, although we recommend a gap of 2 to 6 weeks between modules.

The Mastery Solution £999

All the benefits of the Essential Solution with additional activities to help participants embed their learning. Save £450 when compared to purchasing services independently.

  • One-to-one coaching
    Each participant will benefit from 2 x 90-minute coaching sessions to understand the detail of the one-to-one manager/team member meeting process. Then to explore the participant’s approach to preparing for (and facilitating) these critical review meetings.
  • Online 360 feedback assessment process
    Allows team members, line managers and other colleagues to rate and comment on the remote managers effectiveness. Each participant receives a detailed report of their results with comments.
  • 360 feedback debriefing
    Participants receive a detailed and personal exploration of their 360-degree feedback report. Diagnosing key themes and identifying development actions for implementation, this 90-minute one-to-one call is crucial to the effective use of 360 feedback assessments.

Success Stories

Learn how Jacque, a remote manager for a food and beverage retailer, changed her approach to leading her team to deliver a 35% increase in revenue and develop her management team’s capabilities.

Learn more

The Mastering Remote Management public programmes run several times a year.

Contact us to find out the latest dates and details or to discuss a tailored solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in Mastering Remote Management?

When you register for Mastering Remote Management you will be joining the 7 programme modules that will help you lead your team effectively from a distance. In addition to participating in the live sessions, you will have access to a number of PDF templates used throughout the sessions, as well as a downloadable copy of the programme workbook.

I have a mix of location/office-based team members and those working remotely. Is this programme still relevant for me?

Yes – we know that many participants will have a ‘hybrid’ mixture of team members who routinely work in a central location and those who work flexibly (including from home and nearby shared office space).

How many people will be participating in the programme?

Groups are limited to 6-12 participants to ensure everyone can actively participate in the sessions.

How frequently are the modules run? What happens if I’m unable to attend a particular module?

In our open programme, each individual module is scheduled 3 to 4 weeks apart. The programme will commence at several points throughout the year.

Mastering Remote Management is NOT an online, e-learning programme that participants work through at their own pace. All the modules are delivered live, with facilitators able to answer questions and explore issues raised by the participants in the moment.

However, live modules will always be recorded, allowing participants to catch-up if they miss a session.

Do you offer refunds for the programme?

Yes, we offer a limited 30-day money back guarantee that commences from the date of the first module. To qualify for a refund, please contact our support team at

What if I have more questions?

We are here to help. Simply contact our support team at with any questions.