For a long time, I’ve been sharing my passion for the true benefits of one-to-one (1-1) meetings with clients. I’ve seen multi-unit and area managers make a transformational difference in their teams just by creating processes that facilitate effective one-to-one meetings with managers. And although it’s a key feature of many of our programmes and content, I wanted to find a more accessible way to help people better understand how to prepare for and facilitate great one-to-one meetings.

So I’m really excited to say we’ve launched a new bite-sized course – Better 1-1s = Better Results – in partnership with Upskill People, a highly effective e-learning experience platform.

The Better 1-1s = Better Results course is:

  • Cost-effective at just £25 per person
  • Takes under an hour to complete
  • Easy to access with downloads to aid implementation
  • A quick way to help managers make a long-lasting impact.

The course uses scenarios and outstanding manager top tips to help you learn about:

  • The benefits of 1-1s and how to plan and prepare for them – frequency, location and agenda; regardless of whether your team member is based on-site with you or remotely
  • Facilitating the meetings, using great coaching skills and acting on feedback
  • Scheduling of tasks and reviewing and following up on action points.

Too many managers do not receive training in how to facilitate effective one-to-ones (1-1s) with their team. This can result in these meetings either not happening at all or being used as a progress update at best.

Anyone taking part also gains access to key video explainers, along with supporting materials that they can also use as a refresher at any time.

You can purchase Better 1-1s = Better Results directly from the Upskill People store.

To secure course access for larger groups of managers, or indeed as part of a wider use of the Managing People series, please please get in touch to discuss your needs and agree pricing.