Our operational excellence strategy is designed to help multi-unit managers develop their capability to deliver operational excellence through a disciplined and consistent leadership style. This will in turn support the execution of the business plan.

Discipline and Consistency are important behaviours for any organisation to value. Whilst they may not appear “exciting or sexy” they are crucial because they are in fact the behaviours that ensure that day-in, day-out the MUM remains focused on delivering the business standards.

World class companies create and implement a structured game plan to achieve operational excellence and they strive to leave very little to chance.

We know that world class organisations create a culture around getting the basics right every day. We support multi-unit managers to create this disciplined approach to achieving operational excellence. We understand that Operators must focus on managing today’s business but also show leadership to exploit opportunities to grow the business for tomorrow.

  • Clearly defined and communicated standards

  • A daily (or as needed) review of these standards to ensure products/services are met at all times

  • Action to mitigate any identified gaps in performance. Furthermore these actions should be sustainable to avoid any repeat of issues.

  • KPI performance is systematically reviewed to identify negative trends and opportunities against budget for those KPIs which drive EBITDA/profit (e.g. Sales, labour, cost of goods/margin)

  • Any gaps between actual and budgeted performance must be quantified. Activities to negate these gaps must be clearly planned to ensure accountability is understood by all stakeholders

  • The area or Store/Unit action plan (i.e. what, when, how, who etc) must be communicated and be subject to frequent review during visits and formal monthly/period business review meetings

  • Enhancements and other changes to the plan should be made to reflect changes in performance or new circumstances

The constant execution of these steps is the difference between just creating a great action plan and seeing the benefits of the actions come to life.


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