It was a pleasure to join Stelio Theocharous for the latest episode of his Ceres podcast, discussing all things related to multi-unit management and ops excellence!

We explore the differences (and similarities) between single and multi-site management and I share why I think that too often the development of multi-unit managers is left to chance, with little or no structure put in place to help new managers transition into their role or existing leaders to master multi-site leadership.

We also talk about the operational disciplines that I believe are essential to becoming an outstanding multi-unit manager and we debate more broadly the importance of good, sound management practices that anyone in a leadership role can adopt (such as facilitating regular and structured one-to-ones with team members).

Please get in touch if I can help you as you develop your own outstanding multi-unit managers (or indeed if you’re listening as a multi-unit manager and want to develop your own capabilities!)