Attracting the right people for our brand, culture and mission, with Ben Tyrer.

“The people who work for us enjoy the culture and live the culture.”

This week Ben Tyrer, Head of People at Crussh Fit Food & Juice Bars, discusses the brand and fit food movement he is helping to foster at Crussh, the simple fun approach he takes towards learning and development and his plans for the future, including growing awareness of Crussh as a great place to work.

Ben shares some fantastic insights into just how Crussh differentiates itself as both a high street brand and employer amid the growing health food movement. Ben also discusses the recent change of CEO within the business and how the new style of leadership is complementing the work of the previous and building upon the strong culture within their company.

Guest: Ben Tyrer, Head of People at Crussh Fit Food & Juice Bars | Ben’s LinkedIn profile
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Host: Jane Sunley, Founder and Chair of Purple Cubed | @JaneSunley
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