Coffee, pastries and operational excellence, with Gary Cowles.

An interview with Gary Cowles, Operations Director at Paul UK.

Our latest episode of the Multi-Site Masters’ podcast features a superb guest with an incredible background in operations across many businesses in retail and hospitality. Gary Cowles is the Operations Director for Paul UK, the patisserie and coffee specialists who maintain a strong culture of product quality and innovation in the bakery area.

Gary’s experience and insights are a must-listen for any operations director or multi-unit manager, offering clear and concise definitions of operational excellence and practical suggestions that any operator can benefit from. In particular, in this episode we will explore:

  • The importance of product quality and training for team members
  • The people challenge – recruiting and retaining team members
  • Operational excellence – four core behaviours that lead to the consistent delivery of brand standards and the customer experience
  • Operational excellence – the role of the ops director when out on site visits with their multi-unit managers.

Guest: Gary Cowles, Operations Director for Paul UK | Gary’s LinkedIn Profile
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Host: Lee Sheldon, Co-Founder of Mastering Multi Units | @sheldious | Lee’s LinkedIn Profile
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