Keeping the product offering fresh and relevant, while growing a profitable business in a changing marketplace.

“Being a smaller company, our clients expect to see the heads of the business, and so do our employees as well.”

This week Jane is talking to Ruston Toms, Founding Director at Blue Apple Catering. Ruston talks us through his fantastic career to date, starting out as a chef working for some fantastic brands and great people, through to today where he now finds himself as a founding director of his own contract-catering firm Blue Apple.

Over a 19-year history, Blue Apple has grown into a business turning over nearly £15million a year, while employing around 350 people across some 60 sites. During the interview. Ruston shares some of the things that have made Blue Apple a success, some of the challenges it faces in the modern market, and how his teams continue to attract the top talent and keep things fresh. Ruston goes on to emphasise and explore the role of relationships in a business like his, the mentors and industry leaders who have influenced him, and the key character traits you need to have to be successful in the hospitality sector.

Guest: Ruston Toms, Founding Director at Blue Apple Catering @blueapplebunch
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Host: Jane Sunley, Founder and Chair of Purple Cubed | @JaneSunley
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