What makes a great place to work in 2017, with Jane Sunley.

“Today’s employee expects to have a great experience…”

This week Jane Sunley – HR expert, best-selling Author and Founder of Purple Cubed, discusses her outlook on what makes for a great place to work in the modern workplace. Jane shares some fantastic insight and predictions for the big themes that will emerge in the workplace in 2017, including a focus on the employee experience, wellbeing and flexibility at work, and how to actually achieve these things in practical terms.

Guest: Jane Sunley, Founder and Chair of Purple Cubed | @JaneSunley
Contact Jane and her team: hello@purplecubed | purplecubed.com

Host: Rob Liddiard, Co-Founder and CEO of Yapster, the chat app for teams | @RJLiddiard
Contact Rob and his team: rob@yapster.info | yapster.info

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