Operational excellence – what it is, and how to achieve and sustain it in a multi-site business.

“The road to operational excellence is paved with discipline and consistency.”

This week, I’ll be talking to Lee Sheldon, Co-Founder of Mastering Multi-Units, a training and development consultancy, specialising in the retail and hospitality industries.

In this episode, Lee talks us through the concept of operational excellence. Explaining what it is, what it should mean to a multi-site business, and how a business goes about achieving and sustaining operational excellence.

We then take a deep dive into the role of the area or regional manager and discuss why they are often the key enabler for growth and success. Lee also shares some of the most common issues multi-site businesses have when they approach his team, and some of the frameworks and tools his team likes to use to help them on their mission.

Guest: Lee Sheldon, Co-Founder of Mastering Multi-Units | @sheldious | Lee’s LinkedIn Profile
Contact Lee and his team: contactus@masteringmultiunits.com | @MMU_Global

Host: Sam Walsh, Founder and Producer of Multi-Site Masters | @multisitemaster | Sam’s LinkedIn Profile

Listen to the episode here: