The Restaurant of the Future, with James Hacon.

An interview with James Hacon, MD of THINK Hospitality, and Co-Founder of

In this episode of Multi-Site Masters, we talk with James Hacon about a project he kicked off in early 2018, to explore what the restaurant of the (near) future might look like. James talks us through the key findings from the panel of experts that he assembled to discuss this fascinating topic and explains what each of the following elements means for the hospitality sector:

  • Research and pre-booking
  • The concept and design
  • The food type and service style
  • Payment and follow-up
  • In-home dining experiences.

We were truly delighted to speak with James for this episode, after hearing him deliver a keynote at this year’s Global Restaurant Investment Forum (, held recently in Dubai.

James is a brand, growth and development strategist working exclusively with hospitality brands. Along with his partners at THINK Hospitality, he has worked with over 80 businesses in 21 countries to:

  • Understand the market and analyse performance
  • Create concepts and develop growth initiatives
  • Facilitate strategic development
  • Empower senior leaders

He is a regular contributor to industry and consumer publications and has spoken professionally at more than 40 events around the world over the past five years.

Guest: James Hacon, MD of THINK Hospitality, and Co-Founder of
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