The Science Museum: to inspire futures! With Alistair Otto.

An interview with Alistair Otto, Operations Director at The Science Museum.

In this episode of Multi-Site Masters we speak with Alistair Otto, Operations Director at the Science Museum in London, to explore how he strives to deliver consistently exceptional visitor experiences at the museum.

  • We learn a little of the history of this iconic London visitor attraction and deep dive into their mission “To Inspire Futures” and the values that underpin this.
  • Alistair shares his thoughts regarding the principles of service and specifically the importance of ensuring that three levels of the guest experience are right – the mechanics, the technical and the humanics.
  • He also talks frankly about the value of asking the difficult questions of the people who work in the organisation to find out their views regarding “What’s it really like to work here?”

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Alistair Otto

Guest: Alistair Otto, Operations Director at The Science Museum | Alistair’s LinkedIn Profile

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