Wellbeing for the multi-site manager, with Mel Crate.

An interview with Mel Crate, Founding Director, Luminate.

Our latest episode of the Multi-Site Masters’ podcast is firmly centred on the topic of wellbeing for the busy multi-site manager (and others!). We’re delighted to be joined by Mel Crate, the Founding Director of Luminate, a wellbeing consultancy working with organisations to improve mental health across the UK.

Mel founded Luminate after almost a decade of working in high-pressure environments, where work/life balance and mental health were never treated as a priority. She experienced and witnessed high-stress levels, exhaustion and eventually burnout, which is when she came to the conclusion that looking after employees’ mental and physical health at work was the key to high performance and a thriving organisation.

In this episode we’ll talk about:

  • The impact of technology on our ability to be effective and productive
  • The challenge of maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly when “on the road” a great deal
  • Mindfulness, what it is (and isn’t) and how you can embrace the techniques associated with it to help you 
  • Some of the common symptoms that people with mental health problems may display and what to do if you feel that you may be showing signs of these

Peppered with some fantastic tops tips, this is a fantastic episode for any manager interested in ‘self-care’ as well as knowing how to best support their own team.

The lockdown period has understandably put individuals under an enormous amount of stress, with concerns about our wellbeing and our livelihoods at the heart of many people’s worries.

We are pleased to share a list of resources to help people who are struggling with mental health and alcohol abuse during the lockdown. These resources offer advice about stopping drinking and improving mental health.

You can find the resources here https://www.rehab4addiction.co.uk/alcohol-withdrawal-symptoms

Guest: Mel Crate, Founding Director, Luminate | Mel’s LinkedIn Profile
Contact Mel: melcrate@weareluminate.co

Luminate website: http://www.weareluminate.co

Luminate Twitter: @weareluminate

Host: Lee Sheldon, co-founder of Mastering Multi Units | @sheldious | Lee’s LinkedIn Profile
Contact Lee and his team: contactus@masteringmultiunits.com@MMU_Global

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